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Editor's Note

A Special Thank You

Since 1963, Tattoo Magazine has centered around bringing people together, and more than ever, as we make a chaotic transition from online to hybrid school during a global pandemic, Tattoo has been able to serve its purpose. Our last magazine was explored by over two hundred people in our community, and SC alumni came to visit us virtually at our Winter Coffeehouse. Several staff members from both Shorecrest and Kellogg schools have paid their compliments to the dozens of bold and creative students who shared their artistic ventures in our winter magazine, and we are so excited that our publication was able to bring some light into your lives. This spring, we’re overjoyed to present a magazine with new voices and meaningful pieces. The spring 2021 edition of Tattoo isn’t just another magazine; it’s a piece of history that will forever encapsulate the torrent of confusion, joy, sorrow, and frustration that many of us have experienced during these difficult times. Creating our spring edition for 2021 has been perhaps the most challenging publication process that I have ever encountered, and I absolutely could not have done it without the help of my lovely assistant editors and the ever-supportive Mrs. Haines. This year, we say goodbye to senior assistant editors Soleil Kogon and Fal Iyoab, who have been a joy to work with for the past year. I would also like to recognize the dedication and long hours put into the magazine by Elizabeth Howlett, who will be serving as next year’s editor-in-chief of Tattoo. She has consistently contributed new and creative ideas to our team since her freshman year. A million thanks to Rebecca Swinney and Claire Beaumont, who ground us all, make us laugh, and bring their talent to the table when creating the magazine. A big, warm welcome to Maggie Feinberg, the newest edition to our Tattoo editorial team. I know that you will continue to achieve, and I cannot wait to see where you help take this incredible club. To Mrs. Haines, our biggest supporter: Thank you for the hours you’ve put in and the space that you provide for all of your students and Tattooligans. You are an outstanding advisor. And finally, to you, our reader. Thank you for coming to appreciate the fruits of our months-long toil. We are so, so proud to be sharing it with you, and we hope you find a little magic on these (virtual) pages.

Best wishes,

Megan Rudberg

Editor-in-chief | Tattoo Literary Arts Magazine


Meet Our Team

With Some Glamorous Old Hollywood Nicknames


  • Mrs. Kelli Haines - The Director

  • Ms. Andy Denney - Hair & Makeup


  • Megan Rudberg - Feather Boa

  • Soleil Kogon - Cinematographer

  • Fal Iyoab - Fallywood

  • Elizabeth Howlett - Leading Lady (ft. Beauty Mark)

  • Claire Beaumont - Screenwriter

  • Rebecca Swinney - Clapper Board

  • Maggie Feinberg - Femme Fatale

Club Members & Voters

Our Starlets

  • Lily Fredericks

  • Adah Perry

  • Anabelle Austin

  • Isabella Encinosa

  • Lexi Sauceda


Navigating Our Site

We are organizing our website a little differently than our print magazine! Instead of including an index with each contributor's name and page numbers, we're dividing up the pieces by type. If you want to see your piece, you'll have to navigate to its corresponding section. Pieces are displayed by alphabetical order using the artist's last name.

Drawing, Painting, Photography & Visual Arts

To view pieces from our school's visual artists, please navigate to our header and click on 'Art Pieces' or click the link here. We hope you enjoy this inspiring collection, including various mediums of landscapes, portraits, surreal depictions, and more. Our art section truly reveals the diversity at Shorecrest in a visual format.

Stories, Essays, Prose & Poetry

To view pieces from our school's authors, journalists, and poets, please navigate to our header and click on 'Writing Pieces' or click the link here. These pieces contain the blood, sweat, and tears of some of Shorecrest's most thoughtful and talented writers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Last Name A-D

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Annabelle Austin

  • Emma Baker

  • Claire Beaumont

  • Ellie Coleman

  • Peter Coleman

  • Liam Crouch

  • Vance Cunningham

  • Iorek de Luna

  • Hallie Dickinson

Last Name E-K

  • Isabella Encinosa

  • Maggie Feinberg

  • Lily Fredericks

  • Christine Hoffman

  • Elizabeth Howlett

  • Joel Hyde

  • Soleil Kogon

  • Talis Kroehler

Last Name L-Z

  • Ruby Lenhart

  • Aliyan Muhammad

  • Liya Ogbatsion

  • Alisa Pokazanyeva

  • Marina Rogers

  • Thea Rowden

  • Megan Rudberg

  • Natalie Scott

  • Lorelei Starr

  • Mason Stewart

  • Madeleine Stolp

  • Rebecca Swinney

  • Maksim Takhtarev

  • Rowan Wasserman

  • Rohan Wassink


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